October 2019 Meeting - Taming The Front-End

The next meeting will be held in a new location, SimplyPHP on October 3. Food and drinks will be provided by SimplyPHP. This event will be held in English.

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How much? Free
When: October 3, 18:30 for drinks, food, and networking. 19:00 for the talk.
Where: SimplyPHP
1470 Peel,
Suite A260 (second floor)

Taming the front-end: a brief on the current state of front-end tools and the integration with PHP frameworks

Luiz Brandao

The complexity of frontend web development has increased measurably. Gone are the days of jQuery. New frameworks like React and Vue and tools like Webpack are the new deal.

In this talk, we will try to make sense of the current state of front-end development and how it changes how we write backend code. More specifically, we will see how Symfony and Laravel help us in that regard.