October 2016 Meeting - Create a disposable Front-End

The next meeting will be held at Centre cloud.ca on October 6th. Drinks and pizza will be provided by Pronexia.

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How much? Free
When: October 6th, 18:30 for drinks, pizza and networking. 19:00 for the talk.
Where: Centre cloud.ca
420 Guy
H3J 1S6

Create a disposable Front-End

Eric Tousignant

This talk is based on my experience of heading a site revamp (redesign) where we created a simple, effective, and logic-less Single-Page Application (SPA) Front-End on top of a big monolithic in-house Back-End. I will be giving an overview of the benefits of a server-rendered SPA with minimal logic (logic-less) templating engine and the steps we took to move from an MVC PHP site to an MVS PHP Back-End with a Mustache-based template Front-End and very simple JavaScript router.