October 2015 Meeting - Packaging for Easier Redeployment

The next meeting will be held at Centre cloud.ca on October 1st. Drinks and pizza will be provided by Pronexia.

Please register on Meetup.

How much? Free
When: July 2, 18:30 for drinks, pizza and networking. 19:00 for the talk.
Where: Centre cloud.ca
420 Guy
H3J 1S6

Packaging for Easier Redeployment

Renoir Boulanger
In this short talk we will be covering a crucial step to ensure your infrastructure is always consistent and fast to re-deploy; packaging.Maybe your setup has to have a very specific run-time engine extension that has to be compiled at every install, or a service package is only available as a zip file or as sources.We’ll be covering how to use make, fpm and setup your own Debian repository. Also, I´ll show how you can leverage your CDN to store files for you.