July 2015 Meeting - Rapid Application Development with CakePHP 3

The next meeting will be held at Centre cloud.ca on July 2nd. Drinks will be provided by Pronexia.

Please register on Meetup.

When: July 2, 18:30 for drinks and networking. 19:00 for the talk.

Where: Centre cloud.ca
420 Guy
H3J 1S6

Rapid Application Development with CakePHP 3

Jad Bitar
CakePHP 3 was released not long ago and with it, a ton of shiny new decoupled package. Some of you might have taken CakePHP for a whirl in the past, adopted it as your go-to framework or never heard of it before now, it doesn’t really matter.

This talk will walk you through the frameworks internals like configuration, routing, mailers, etc. Special attention will be given to the shiny new ORM, that was re-built from scratch. If time permits and people are interested, it will end with a live coding session to better demonstrate how easy and quick it is to build your next application using CakePHP 3.