June 2015 Meeting - Developing web applications with Yii

The next meeting will be held at Centre cloud.ca on June 4.

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When: June 4, 18:30 for networking. 19:00 for the talk.
Where: Centre cloud.ca
420 Guy
H3J 1S6

Developing web applications with Yii
Andy Maleh

Tired of everyone telling you to upgrade to Rails when there are dozens of quality PHP frameworks waiting to be employed? The team I’ve recently consulted for is similarly tired of that hard sell and its members have chosen to solve their dilemma with the Yii framework. After all, they have all invested a great deal of energy in mastering PHP and did not see a point in moving to Ruby when PHP is similarly inspired by Perl, dynamically typed, and rich in community support.

In fact, with the help of the Yii framework, the team has successfully built a dozen of dating sites filled with lovers to the brim. However, this talk will mainly focus on the learnings I have obtained during my journey as a veteran Ruby on Rails developer (RubyConf/RailsConf speaker) consulting for a group of very solid PHP developers. Yii has surprisingly made me feel at home, and the journey went as smoothly as riding the rails of a bullet train.

The talk shall cover Yii basics, such as:- MVC components, Layouts, and Routes - Data Access Objects, Query Builder, Active Record, and Database Migrations- Widgets, Components and Behavior Mixins- Unit Testing and Functional Testing- Other features worth mentioning

Attendees should walk away with enough Yii knowledge to consider using in their next PHP web project. Questions and comments will be highly encouraged at the end of the talk.