June 2104 Meetup - MySQL Indexing

The meetup for June will be held on June 5 at 19:00.

We have a sponsor for this month meeting. Pronexia Inc will provide the drinks (beer and soft drink) for us.

Please RSVP on the new Meetup group.

Location: École Informatique SUPINFO
666 Sherbrooke West, #1400, Montreal (Use the door on University street)

This meetup will be in English. We have one talk by Jehad Keriaki.

MySQL: Indexing for Better Performance

We will talk about strategies and best practices of creating indexes that increase the query speed and optimize database performance. We will shed light on what is new with MySQL 5.6 indexes.

Other covered areas include:

  • Index types
  • Primary Key in InnoDB: What is special about it
  • Cardinality
  • Multi-column, Partial, and Covering indexes
  • Special cases about Date/Datetime
  • Overhead of Indexes
  • Explaining "EXPLAIN" output
  • Examples