July 2104 Meetup - BI Cubes And Laravel 101

The July meetup will be held in English on July 3d.

Once again, Pronexia Inc will sponsor us. This month they provided us with the drinks again. And they will also host the meetup in their office.

Please RSVP on Meetup.

When: July 3rd. 18:30 for the drinks. Talks start at 19:00
Where: Pronexia's offices
1280 Bernard Ouest, Suite 303
Outremont, Quebec H2V 1V9

We will have two talks:

Business Intelligence cubes: scalable and realtime, using affordable technologies

Speaker: Po Ming Lam

There was a need for an architecture design that can support millions of new records per day, and the reporting need to be real time. Scaling horizontally and supporting thousands of new records per second was one of the hurdles, the other one was to deal with real time reporting with several dimensions and facts in the cubes. So, the problem is that standard cubes require rebuild time in order to get updated, and the rebuild time is in relation with the size of the dataset, which implies it's not really scalable from an architectural design standpoint. The proposed solution is a "realtime cube" that does not need to be rebuilt and is efficiently scalable. If we wanted to implement it, how do we architect that? What are the pitfalls? This talk covers the overview of the architecture and guidelines.

Laravel 101

Speaker: Benjamin Gonzalez

A practical introduction to the quick growing framework. Learn what this framework has to offer, and how it can help you quickly turn your ideas into real projects.

La rencontre de juillet aura lieu le 3 juillet en anglais.

Encore une fois Pronexia Inc nous commandite. Ils vont encore fournir les breuvages. Ils vont aussi nous héberger dans leur locaux.

S'il vous plaît, RSVP sur le site de Meetup.

Quand: Le 3 juillet. À 18:30 pour les consomations. Les sessions commencent à 19:00
Où: Pronexia's offices
1280 Bernard Ouest, Suite 303
Outremont, Quebec H2V 1V9

Nous auront deux présentations. Les descriptions sont dans la version anglaise.